IOS Hotels demo

IOS Hotels demo

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Introduction in IOS Hotels booking system

This website (SmartHotel) is a demo site of IOS Hotels booking software. The website demonstrates the presentation of a sample hotel as well as accepting reservations though IOS Hotels XML/JSON API.

How it works

The hotel's data, including the rooms information and availability, the images, the prices, etc, are all in a website running IOS Hotels software. This is Is Open Source's demo site. So, IOS Hotels is not installed in this web site! However the data are shown here due to a powerful connection between the 2 sites. In fact you can display a booking form to any number of sites and connect them all to the main application. This way you can accept reservations from multiple locations and manage them from a single one. Any change you perform on your rooms, prices, availability, etc, becomes automatically available to all connected sites. The customer stays on each website and doesn't have to visit the one with IOS Hotels installed. Moreover IOS Hotels accepts unlimited number of hotels and hotelier accounts. So, you install IOS Hotels once and you can manage availability and reservations from unlimited hotels and websites. The picture below shows a schematic representation of IOS Hotels integration system with other sites.

IOS Hotels API system
IOS Hotels API system

Purchase options

IOS Hotels is available as a service and as a software. As a service you don't have to install anything. You get a user account, login to your hotel control panel and start immediately adding your data. When ready you install a pre-made plugin to your site and start accepting bookings. This is the easiest, fastest and most recommended method to use IOS Hotels. As a software you buy and install IOS Reservations and IOS Hotels to a site of your choice, configure it, and manage all the system by yourself.

More information / IOS Hotels backend demo

To access IOS Hotels administration section and see how you manage hotel's data and reservations visit this page. To read more about IOS Hotels and buy it visit Is Open Source website.

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